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IN WILD COMPANY - Classic leather motorcycle jacket

For over fifty years, the classic leather motorcycle jacket has been favoured by the good, the bad and the cool ever since Marlon Brando roared into focus in his first feature film "The Wild One" in 1954. John Lennon and the Beatles rocked Hamburg, Germany wearing leathers in the early 60s. In the 70s, US punk band, The Ramones, developed their own uniform consisting of classic leather motorcycle jackets, blue jeans, t-shirt and Converse. In 1976, the Sex Pistols wore their leather jackets and trousers customised with punk style metal studs, chains and safety pins and the leather look was further embellished by heavy metal bands like Motley Crue. In the 80s more clean-cut classic versions were adopted by Wham's George Michael" and pop duo "Bros". The Goss twins wore one white and one black. The classic was also a favourite with movie action heroes such Mel Gibson (Mad Max 1980 and Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator" 1991. Biker jackets also featured in the 1966 film "Wild Angels", 1969 "Easy Rider", 1982 Grease II starring Maxwell Caulfield. John Travolta, perhaps, is one of the few celebrities whose style straddles the decades. He first wore "Danny's" now iconic "T " Jacket in the first film version of the musical Grease in the late 70s only to don motorcycle leathers again thirty years later in his latest film "Wild Hogs". Celebrities recently spotted in the classic style are footballer "Freddie" Ljungburg, England cricketer Andrew Flintoff, Razorlight's Johnny Borrell and superstar producer Mark Ronson. In the movie "Kingdom of the Sculls", Indiana Jones's sidekick, played by Shia LaBoeuf, wears a classic 50s style leather motorcycle jacket.The only icon who should have worn a classic leather biker jacket but didn't was Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (also Fonzie, The Fonz, or Fonz) played by Henry Winkler in the American sitcom Happy Days 1974–1984 Wikapedia Stub>>
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